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Live chat

Chat with website visitors directly from your website!
The chat can be initiated by an online visitor or your sales representative. Read more

Call Back

Allow website visitors to request a call-back by leaving a phone number. They are called back immediately and connected with your representative.


Enable visitors to your website to send a message through the website. Your representative can respond by sending a text message back to the visitor’s cell phone immediately.


Website visitors send an e-mail inquiry. Your representative responds via e-mail immediately, or at a later time. Read more

What is Bontact

Bontact helps businesses connect with online visitors, directly from their website, through a multi-channel, flexible, real-time, and easy-to-use customer engagement platform. Read more

How does it work?

After signing up for a free, full-feature trial, users receive a code to embed in every page of their website. This code displays a clean, compelling widget that offers online support to website visitors. Read more

Why Bontact?

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No special hardware is needed.
Four different ways to connect
Live chat, Call Back, SMS, E-mail

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