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Live Chat

Connect with your visitors in real time. Any visitor on your website will be able to click “Start Live Chat” on Bontact’s live support widget. As they type their questions, you can reply and provide the relevant information in real time.


Talk to your visitors on any device they choose. After visitors enter their phone number (landline or mobile, from anywhere in the world), they’re automatically called back and connected to you within seconds.


Get mobile text messages from your visitors anywhere in the world and reply directly to their mobile devices.


Any visitor on your website will be able to click “Write Email” on Bontact’s live support widget. You’ll receive their inquiry directly to your inbox so that you can respond immediately or at a later time.

Why bontact?

It’s simple to sell more.

Bontact boosts your sales processes by promoting effective interaction between you and your customers at the right time, in the right way.
Everyone likes to communicate differently, but integrating many tools for each communication channel can get complicated, fast. On the other hand, if you only offer one channel, you can lose potential customers.
We created Bontact so that you won’t need to choose or get entangled in a web of solutions.
Bontact is a smart multi-channel communication platform that enables users to communicate with site owners via Live Chat, Callback, Text (SMS) and Email.

Hassle-Free Integration

Just sign up and add a small code snippet to your website.

Then, instantly speak, chat, text, or email your customers as they are making their online shopping decisions.

You can easily integrate Bontact with:

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