404 Movers is an Atlanta-based moving company, using Bontact’s Multi-channel solution for responsive service.
70% of visitors who chat with 404 Movers via Bontact convert to customers. 
404 Movers’ Director of Customer Service, Mitchie Mutyambizi, explains: “a good percentage of today’s customers don’t want to talk on the phone. They do, however, want responsive service and quick answers to their questions.” By using Bontact’s phone app, Mitchie is able to provide potential customers with answers within minutes or even seconds, in their channel of choice. “Having the chat, phone and other contact options readily available in one widget shows potential customers that we are serious about customer service and really sets us apart”, says Mutyambizi. in an industry which is locked into legacy workflows, where a client has to play phone tag with service agents. 404 Movers uses multi-channel communication to provide customers with responsive service in their preferred channel and sees the benefit in its conversion rates.