Facebook Messenger + Bontact Setup guide

Facebook Messenger – Bontact integration overview

Our Facebook Messenger integration allows your customers to send you Facebook messages through your Facebook Page or Website which you receive in your Dashboard, your CRM or any other channel like Slack. Your replies are sent back as a Facebook message to the user. You will be able to reach out whenever you like right to your customer Facebook Messenger  

Setup Facebook Messenger – Bontact integration

To use the Facebook Messenger integration, you need a Facebook account with permissions to manage a published Facebook page.
You then need to visit the Dashboard channels page  and press on the Facebook Messenger logo and after click “Login with Facebook” . This will redirect you to Facebook where you will need to allow Bontact to access your account information.

Once your Facebook account is connected to Bontact, select the Facebook page you want to use and hit save. You should now be able to receive messages from your Facebook page and reply via any of your configured channels.