Telegram Setup

Telegram – Bontact integration overview

Our Telegram integration allows your customers to easily contact you form your website via Telegram, connecting your replies directly to their phone from the convenience of your online dashboard. The Telegram message will be redirected to your agents dashboard. Your agents can use the dashboard to message back any user at any time. All messages are stored on your dashboard for your tracking and analysis. Start working today with your Telegram for business and upgrade your customer communication. 

Setup Telegram for your business

Step one

Login to your Telegram account and search for “BotFather”


Start a conversation with BotFather and create a new bot by Typing /newbot. 
Next choose your Bot name and UserName as seen on the example below

Now you can get your Token to access the API and we are ready to integration step two


Step two

To integrate the Telegram channel, you need to visit the Dashboard channels page and press on the MORE CHANNELS tab.


Next choose the Telegram channel


Now it’s time to use the Token code you have received at the end of step one, simply copy and paste it in the “Access Bot ID” 

Once you are done, don’t forget to save your settings


You now have a Telegram business account and you can start communicating using your Bontact dashboard.

You Are Done