Every customer has a preferred method of communication.

But managing a support team for all the channels is expensive and time consuming. Keeping this team available 24/7 on Chat, Phone and Messaging channels is nearly impossible. Bontact has a simple solution that maximize your communication capabilities while minimizing your expenses.

Let your customer choose how they want to contact you.

Bontact allows you to give the customer an excellent Omnichannel communication experience. To manage phone calls, chats, SMS and Email inquiries, as well as social media inquiries from Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line and more… all from one easy to use dashboard.

Know your customer’s pain even before speaking with them.

Customers, and most people, hate repeating themselves especially if it’s to explain a problem. Bontact provides you with customer details and communication history even before you begin the conversation.

68% of customers return after a positive customer service experience.

Bontact helps you to provide focused and personal service, making it easy to listen to the customer and update them. It also increases your customer retention and builds a positive brand image.

Track activity in real time and make the right decisions for improving and streamlining service.

Don’t hesitate!

Start today, and improve your customer experience.