Why multi-channel communication is right for any businesses

1. Make your customers happy

Help your customers on their channel of choice

Let your website visitors ask for help the way they prefer.

Increase conversion significantly

Although most questions get resolved easily using chat, sometimes a customer needs help in other channels like an email, voice or video call. They might feel more comfortable with a human voice, or be on the go and unable to type. They might start the conversation on chat and then have to step out. With Bontact, you can keep the conversation going continuously and let your customers get their questions answered the way they need to make their buying decision

Let your customers talk to you on their favorite chat apps

Full integration with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Hangouts and more (coming soon.) Your customers love talking to their friends and family with over-the-top communication apps. Let them talk to you the same way.

2.Have smart conversations

See whom you're talking to, any other conversations you've had with them, where they're coming from and more. Get the context you need to turn a visitor into a customer.

Reach out to convert browsers to buyers

Start conversations with customers proactively if you see them struggling

Stop losing conversions

Guide your customers through the checkout process by making it easy for them to get help.

3. See how you're doing

Help your customers on their channel of choice

See all of your performance metrics in our dashboard. Understand where you're doing well and where you can improve.

Increase customer satisfaction by removing bottlenecks

Track progress and never stop getting better at serving visitors

4.Serve your customers effectively

Smart chat bots answer common questions, look up order information and enhance your chat agents' productivity by up to 10X.


Start conversations with customers proactively if you see them struggling

Save time and money

By letting your visitors choose the channel that's convenient for them, you can maximize your efficiency and make sure that those who need high-touch phone and email contact get it, those who prefer low-touch chat and SMS get it. This uses your chat agents' time as efficiently as possible.

Talk to customers from your desktop and mobile device

Help visitors from the web dashboard from your office, or while on the go from your smartphone with the Bontact app

Your data is safe

We use state of the art security to make sure that only you can access your contact data